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TM REVÊTEMENT Shingles is your specialist for the design and manufacture of aluminum and enamelled steel shingles. 

The exceptional design of our shingles, their embossed designs and wide range of colours all work together to enhance the architectural style of any type of building, whether residential, commercial or industrial. Whether plain or embossed, our shingles are remarkably attractive. If you’re looking for a durable product that will last for generations, you’ve come to the right place.


Our interlocking shingles have interlocking edges on all four sides, providing exceptional resistance to weather and winds. Testing has shown that our shingles can withstand winds over 175 km/h. 

Designed to be easy to install, our aluminum shingles are 0.022 inches thick: that’s 15% thicker than similar products on the market. That extra strength makes our products really stand out from the competition. 

An additional layer of protection is applied to all our shingles at our plant in Saint-Pascal. The surface protector is applied using a robotic system and then baked on, making our products even more durable and allowing us to extend the warranty. That’s one more good reason to do business with Ferblanterie de l’Est.


Our shingles are designed for simple and easy installation. You can handle the job yourself – with advice from our team to help guide you through each stage of your project.

We deliver all the components you need complete a high-quality roofing project. 

You will receive all the flashings and mouldings for the style of your building, plus two types of high performance membranes: a 1.0-mmm self-adhesive waterproofing membrane for the eaves, and a strong, lightweight, high-efficiency synthetic underlayment for the entire roof. With its non-slip surface and 48-inch width, this membrane can be installed quickly and safely. 

You can also choose to work with a contractor in your area. Our team will be happy to give them any information and advice they might need for the job.

We’re there for you – at every stage of your project.


For years, asphalt shingles have been one of the most popular roofing materials on the market, mainly because of their affordability. However, they usually last only about 15 years, so to preserve the value of your property, you need to replace asphalt shingles every 15 years. The cost of replacing the shingles quickly cancels out any initial savings. 

In contrast, aluminum shingles let you maximize your investment because they last a lifetime. Not only will you not have the expense of replacing them after just 15 years, you also won't have the inconvenience of another renovation. Aluminum shingles are both an economic and a sustainable solution.

Our aluminum shingles offer many advantages compared to conventional asphalt shingles.

  • Excellent value and peace of mind: medium- and long-term savings
  • Durability: many aluminum roofs are in place for over 100 years
  • No maintenance needed: aluminum shingles resist the growth of moss and lichens
  • No snow removal needed: snow easily slides off the aluminum surface
  • UV protection: the coating protects against chipping, cracking, weathering and fading
  • Elegance: the embossed patterns give your roof a special cachet and are suitable for any building style
  • Wide range of colours: if you don’t find what you want among our designer colours, we can prepare custom colours
  • 100% recyclable: because like you, we do our part for the environment

All that for unbeatable prices.

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