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The well-thought-out roof

31 December 2018

(Translation of an excerpt from an article by Catherine Ferland Blanchet, published in La Maison du 21e siècle, November 3, 2010)

Quebec-style products from Ferblanterie de l’Est. Located in Saint-Pascal-de-Kamouraska, the Ferblanterie de l’Est manufactures aluminum shingles and architectural sheet-metal roofing. The average cost of aluminum shingles is $3.50 to $4 per square foot, with installation running $4 to $4.75 per square foot. They are installed like asphalt shingles, in 1.45-square-foot sections. 

The price of sheet metal roofing varies from $4 to $ 4.25 per square foot. Installation runs a bit higher than for shingles, because steel is more difficult to work. The cost of installing different roofing systems depends on the complexity of the material to be installed, the condition of the roof (new or existing, added insulation, finish work, etc.) and the complexity of the installation (building height, roof slope, dormers, etc.).

According to Gaetan Ouellet, owner of Ferblanterie de l’Est, the durability of aluminum (100 years) exceeds that of steel (50 years) because, should the enamel finish ever wear off, aluminum oxidizes to form a stable coating that resists further damage. During our telephone interview, Mr. Ouellet was preparing to seek LEED certification for his aluminum shingles. He was also pleased to have new equipment that makes it possible to offer shingles in an infinite spectrum of custom colours. “Even pink!” he said. Ferblanterie de l’Est products are offered throughout Quebec.