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Warranty and Ownership

A lifetime roof – the economical and ecological choice

Limited 100-year warranty against corrosion of the aluminum.
Limited 50-year warranty for the paint.
The warranties are transferable to the new owners if the property is sold. 

Ferblanterie de l’Est adds an additional 10-year warranty. We can offer this extended warranty because we add an extra layer of protection in our Saint-Pascal plant. It is applied by a robotic system and then baked on for an super-durable finish.


Our aluminum products are supplied by Gentek and are manufactured with AA3000 series alloy or the equivalent. Both sides of the aluminum shingles are cleaned using a specially formulated cleaner. Once cleaned, the aluminum is treated with an acidic solution containing chrome to improve corrosion resistance and coating adhesion. 

The upper side of the pre-treated aluminum is then coated with a thermosetting polyester polymer, dried and then baked at about 232 °C (450 °F), forming a hard but flexible and weatherproof layer. The total thickness of the coating is about 18 micrometres.


The superior adhesion and forming properties of Gentek products are tested on a regular basis. Product testing includes verification of colour, film thickness and gloss; hot water impact test, freezer impact test, salt spray corrosion testing, humidity testing and outdoor exposure tests.


All Gentek aluminum products comply with CAN/CGSB-93.2-M91. In addition, the aluminum alloy used meets ULC standard CAN4-S114-M80 that defines the non-combustibility of aluminum alloys.